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Đến từ : TÂY NINH

Bài gửiTiêu đề: thi thử đại học 2   Thu Sep 29, 2011 3:44 am

Môn Thi: ANH VĂN – Khối D
ĐỀ THI THAM KHẢO Thời gian: 90 phút, không kể thời gian giao đề
Practice 20

Phần 1. Tìm từ mà phần in nghiêng có cách phát âm khác so với những từ kia:
1. A. so B. show C. who D. though
2. A. caught B. north C. hot D. dog
3. A. twice B. piece C. fly D. mind
4 A. high B. height C. weigh D. lie
5.A. cook B. look C. pound D. could
Phần 2.
6. Their parents…….. TV every night.
A. watch B. watching C. watched D. have watched
7. He ….. his homework.
A. has just finished B. finished C. finishes
8. She phoned while I……
A. am cooking B. cooked C. was cooking D. cook
9. They …. in San Francisco for 10 years.
A. has lived B. had lived C. have lived D. live
10. She …. a lot when she was young.
A. traveled B. has traveled C. travels D. was traveling
11. My daughter. …… like Pop music.
A. doesn’t B. didn’t C. don’t D. haven’t
12.”My car isn’t working.” “ Ask Joe to look at it. He….… you.
A. will help B. helps C. is going to help D. would like to help
13. After we……to go to the US, we bought plane tickets.
A. decides B. were deciding C. had decided D. decide
14. He is not here. He …… his aunt in Paris
A. visited B. is visiting C. visits D. is going to visit
15. When he…. at the office his boss had left
A. had arrived B. arrived C. arrives D. arriving
16. Come on! We …. late for school
A. will be B. are C. are going to be D. would be
17. My father …..while I was having dinner
A. was phoning B. phoned C. has phoned D. phones
18. …….. tomorrow, so we can go out somewhere
A. I’m not working B. I don’t work C. I won’t work D. I work
19. He …. the guitar, but he doesn’t play very often now
A. played B. was playing C. had played D. used to play
20. It’s 3 years….. Peter
A. that I don’t see B. that I haven’t seen C. since I last saw D. since I didn’t see
21. They have always been very kind ……me
A. of B. for C. to D. with
22. I’m not very good …. repairing thing
A. at B. for C. in D. about
23. if you’re worried about the problem, you should do something…. it
A. for B. about C. against D. with
24.I have never heard …..your father
A. on B. after C. of D. from
25. What time will you be home? I don’t know, it depends …. the traffic
A. of B. for C. on D. from
26. I prefer coffee ……..tea
A. to B. than C. against D over
27. She is interested ……... politics
A. in B. at C. on D. for
28. We often go to school ….…bike
A. on B. by C. from D. of
29. We are …… school from 6.30 to 11.00
A. at B. in C. after D. to
30. She has been helped ……..homework
A. with B. for C. at D. to
31. He didn’t have anything…….
A. saying B. to say C. say D. for saying
32. I never know when ……. I’m sorry
A. shut up B. to shut up C. shutting up D. I shutting
33. He’s decided …..her
A. marry B. to marry C. marrying D. married
34. It’s difficult ……how to ski
A. to learn B. learn C. learning D. learned
35. Do you mind……. it with you?
A. take B. taking C. to take D. takes
36. The path is dangerous. we are afraid of….
A. falling B. to fall C. fall D. fallen
37. I didn’t hear you……in. You must have been very quiet
A. come B. to come C. came D. had come
38. A friend of mine phoned…….me to a party
A. invite B. to invite C. for invite D. for inviting
39. I like……the kitchen as often as possible
A. cleaning B. clean C. cleaned D. felt
40. He made her……happy
A. feel B. to feel C. feeling D. felt
41. This house is quite old. It …….over 100 years ago
A. was built B. built C. building D. builds
42. My bag has disappeared. It must ……
A. be steal B. be stolen C. stolen D. stole
43. Cheese ……. from milk
A. is make B. made C. is made D. are made
44. We can’t see the house from the road. It …..by trees.
A. is surrounded B. surrounded C. are surrounded D. surrounding
45. It’s a big company, 10 hundred people……there.
A. are employed B. employed C. employing D. is employed
46. Water …….most of the Earth’s surface.
A. is covered B. covers C. was covered D. covered
47. How much of the Earth’s surface ……… by water.
A. is covered B. was covered C. covers D. covering
48. I was born in Thai binh, but I …….in Sonla.
A. grow up B. grew up C. grown up D. was grown up
49. The room ……..every day
A. is cleaning B. was cleaned C. is cleaned D. cleans
50. Richard’s parents died when he was very young, he and his sister …….. by their grandparents
A. were brought up B. brought up C. had brought up D. was brought up
51. I am taller …….my sister.
A. than B. as C. more D. like
52. Which is the ……..exciting city in Vietnam?
A. much B. more C. most D. very
53. This is the …….. film I have ever seen
A. good B. better C. best D. gooder
54. Her car is not ………..expensive as mine
A. as B. than C. more D. much
55. The weather is very ……… during the day
A. cold B. coldest C. colder D. cold as
56. Could I have a ……… of matches, please?
A. packet B. tin C. can D. box
57. And I would like a……..of cigarettes, please?
A. box B. packet C. jar D. case
58. How much is this ………of soap?
A. bar B. bag C. box D. loaf
59. I also want a……. of orange juice
A. vase B. pan C. bowl D. bottle
60. I would like a……. of biscuits
A. case B. packet C. bottle D. piece
61. I can’t hear you now. Why are you suddenly cut…….?
A. back B. off C. up D. out
62. What is your new phone…….? 0912789345
A. number B. figure C. dial D. letter
63. The phone is ringing. Can you ………..?
A. reply B. tell C. pick D. answer
64. What’s the……going to be like tomorrow?
A. weather B. climate C. condition D. it
65. I often go to school on………
A. bike B. foot C. car D. bus
66. What is your purpose…………..writing this letter?
A. in B. of C. on D. for
67. Is your coat similar ………..mine?
A. to B. in C. with D. for
68. Work can have harmful effects………our health
A. on B. from C. at D. of
69. Something went wrong ……….my computer yesterday
A. on B. with C. along with D. for
70. I am fed ………..doing the same work everyday
A. out of B. into C. up with D. away from
71. I think it ……tomorrow
A. will rain B. raining C. is raining D. is going to
72. She can’t talk to you now. She ……
A. is going to study B. studies C. is studying D. will study
73. This is the most exciting film I…….
A. had ever seen B. have ever seen C. saw D. see
74. He…..when his wife returned
A. was cooking B. cooked C. were cooking D. cooks
75. My father …… in a bank
A. worked B. working C. to work D. works
PhÇn 3.
76. It was so a difficult mathematic puzzle that we could not do it.
77. It takes me one hour going to work.
78. If you arrive late, I will going out without you.
79. I am curious to know how much times you have seen this movie.
80. It is difficult for me concentrating on what you are doing if you do not stop
Phần 4.
Some hundred years ago, there was no equality between men and women because people then
considered women to be the weaker sex. This prejudice against women had its origin in the dawn of mankind’s history when men lived in caves and went hunting for food. The task of food gathering and hunting needed great strength of body. Therefore the best place for women was not in the forest but at home where they could do their job of feeding their children and looking after them.Things have changed much since men discovered fire and invented tools. In the modern time, more brain is important, not more strength of the muscle. As a consequence, women play an important role in the society. They have proved repeatedly that they are equal and even superior to men in almost every field.
81. Years ago,…………………..
A. Women were equal to men in every respect
B. women were considered to be the weaker sex
C. human beings never lived in caves
D. men did not go hunting
82. In the former days, women……………………….
A. did not go hunting with men B stayed in the forest
C. did not have to do anything D. were the stronger sex
83. In the dawn of mankind’s history, ……………….
A. only men lived in caves B. women looked after their children in the forests
C. only women had to gather food D. people lived on hunting
84. Since fire was discovered and tools were invented…………….
A. men have become the weaker sex B. men have never gone hunting
C. everything has changed D. women have no longer look after their children
85. In the modern time,………………..
A. intelligence is not important B. strength of muscle is more important than intelligence
C. men play no role D. women play an important role
Polar bears live happily where almost no other animals can exist. They wander in a land too cold and lonely for us. In summer, they fish in the rushing rivers and streams. Eating as much as they can, they steadily get as fat as possible! Then they spend the winter totally without food. As spring begins the bears sleepily awaken all over Alaska grunting angrily. They dig themselves out to rush off the smelling rivers. Winter may treat them harshly but they play all summer long. Bears have no enemies except humans, however, thoughtful people are never willing to disturb bears. Bears can attack more suddenly than other animals of the North. The chances of meeting a bear are, luckily, very unlikely.
86. ……………. are polar bears’ enemies
A. Fishes B. humans C. Rivers D. Other animals
87. According to the writer, ………………………
A. polar bears have many enemies B. polar bears have no enemies
C. polar bears can not live in too cold area D. polar bears do not eat in winter
88. In summer, polar bears ………………..
A. eat a lot B. sleep C. dig the melting rivers D. get no food
89. Polar bears ……………………………….
A. never attack people B. never attack other animals
C. are too fat to attack anyone D. are fat in autumn
90. People………………..
A. can find a polar bears easily B. never disturb polar bears
C. rarely meet polar bears D. often meet polar bears

.C 11.A 21.C 31.B 41.A 51.A 61.B 71.A 81.B

2.C 12.A 22.A 32.B 42.B 52.C 62.A 72.C 82.A

3.C 13.C 23.B 33.B 43.C 53.C 63.D 73.B 83.D

4.C 14.B 24.D 34.A 44.A 54.A 64.A 74.A 84.C

5.C 15.B 25.C 35.B 45.A 55.A 65.B 75.D 85.D

6.A 16.C 26.A 36.A 46.B 56.D 66.B 76.A 86.B

7.A 17.B 27.A 37.A 47.A 57.B 67.A 77.C 87.D

8.C 18.A 28.B 38.B 48.B 58.A 68.A 78.C 88.A

9.C 19.D 29.A 39.A 49.C 59.D 69.B 79.C 89.D

10.A 20.C 30.A 40.A 50.A 60.B 70.C 80.B 90.C

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